Our goal is to optimize the current and potential value of your Intellectual Property to contribute to the future shareholder value of your organization.

Keep your company safe and growing


Consultoría en Tecnonegocios we are a team of professionals who have international certifications from the most prestigious Authorities and Institutions in countries in Europe, Asia, and America. We are supported by more than 50 years of accumulated experience.












The best option


Shield your intangible assets, image, services, products, processes, know-how, works, creations and/or innovative technologies.


Support, expertise, and management of your intangible asset portfolio, allowing your company to focus on your business, without distracting your valuable resources.

Best Practices

Provide security, confidentiality, honesty, assertiveness, sensitivity, and care about your information and investment, aware of the value it represents for the development of the organization and the contribution to the business ecosystem.



We have experience with applications through international treaties and regulations of other countries. In addition, we have an extensive network to extend your registrations and patents in other countries.

IP Portfolio

Our intellectual property (IP) process is specialized and personalized, some clients have come to us with problems of representation and continuity of their procedures, but we have managed to rescue their procedures to optimize their performance and value.


We have developed the following process so that you have a simple guide of how we work.


Contact us

Press any of the buttons that offer our contact information

Take a strategy

After contacting us and indicating your concerns, we will propose the most appropriate strategy for your organization.

Proceed with the payment

Once you have completed the strategy you will have your quotation and now you just need to make the agreed payment.

See the result of your investment

As a result of the strategy, you will obtain your patrimony protection and increase the value of your shares.


  • Internationalization

    International experience in the main legislations, treaties, and regulations of other countries, helping to identify business opportunities.

  • Strategic Ally

    Support and management of your intangible asset portfolios, allowing your company to focus on your business, without leaving your valuable resources aside.

  • Trust

    We provide security, confidentiality, honesty, sensitivity, assertiveness, and care about your information and investment as a guarantee of our service, aware of the value it represents for the value of your organization.

  • Optimization

    In addition to efficiently processing your transactions, we make sure that everything goes according to your growth strategy, thus optimizing your investment.

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Your Intellectual Property as a Value Strategy

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