Intellectual Property Portfolio

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    Commercialization of


    Strategic definition of the commercial potential and status of the Technology to identify its next steps of development and achieve its scaling, licensing and/or Technology Transfer.

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    Beyond Branding

    Trademark Administration  

    The image in all senses of a business, from its aroma to the satisfactory customer experience, is cared for and protected by the brand, to increase its overall value through licensing and franchising.

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    High Scale Analysis

    Technology Exploration

    To achieve disruption through competitive intelligence and technology watch; or, to identify open access and public domain technologies that could make evolutionary and incremental innovation affordable; impacting promptly and ensuring freedom of operation for economic prosperity.

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    Music, software, cyber experiences, characters, plots, sequences, choreographies, sketches, stories, videogames, shows, scenographies and other creative, artistic and literary works that are enjoyed in everyday life and entertainment are protected works of which the authors and owners of the economic rights enjoy royalties and for which those who exploit such works need to pay through collective management societies.


"An international patent application that impacts 155 WIPO member countries, both developed countries and several developing countries; being very useful the result of the technological search performed by the International Authority, the communications that could entail, the publication of the application and the procedural economy at the international level for greater legal certainty in the national phases."

Patent Cooperation Treaty


Tratado de Cooperación en Materia de Patentes

"The international trademark can reach up to 128 countries to minimize the risks of marketing products and/or services globally; therefore, it is very convenient to integrate its protection according to the requirements of the regulation established in the Agreement and the Madrid Protocol, which are also administered by WIPO / WIPO, regardless of the possible additional steps with the National Authorities that may require it."

The International Trademark System


Sistema Internacional de Marcas

"The road to success for projects, ventures, and businesses, could be winding and even tortuous, however, one way to minimize risk and foresee key actions is through a properly organized and globally validated business model, in addition to managing to identify and maximize your competitive advantages, your key intellectual property resources and possibly become an exponential business."

Business Model Canvas

Business Model

Canvas de Modelo de Negocios